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Ever remember your mum/teacher/tennis coach telling you when you were young that 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail'? As cliched as it may sound, that nugget of advice is extremely rock solid when renovating or building your bathroom. The more time you spend planning and thinking about your needs, desires, and of course limitations, the more successful your bathroom project will be.


Your ideal bathroom

Before you start selecting tiles, fixtures and fittings, it's important to spend time assessing all of your and your family's needs. List the things you like about your current bathroom and those you'd like to change.


Take as much time as possible to visit showrooms and look through books and magazines for inspiration. Consider what you liked about a friend's bathroom or the bathroom of a hotel you've stayed in. Prioritising your needs (and wants) will give you a solid starting point. Every household is different; so don't be led by what's in fashion. A well-designed bathroom is a perfect balance of function and aesthetics and these are unique to the individual.


Size matters

Is your bathroom big enough to hold your ideas? If not, could you extend it or move it to another part of the house? If you have a large household do you require an additional toilet or shower to ease congestion in the morning?

Are you happy with the current layout of the space, or would re-arranging the sanitaryware let you use it better? Would you include a bath and a shower, and is there enough space to accommodate the two separately?


Safety first

The age and ability of the users will also affect your requirements. Safety features such as thermostatic controls for showers and anti-slip finishes on tiles, the bath and shower tray will benefit everyone, but are especially important if the room is to be used by children or the elderly. If you have small children (or are planning to), will the bathroom fixtures make it easy to bathe them safely?


Got the look?

A new bathroom is a big investments, so choose its look wisely. Will you still be enamoured by your purchase in 10 years' time?

The bathroom and kitchen are both major selling points, so if you're planning to sell in the next few years, will it appeal to potential purchasers? You can add your stamp of personality with bright towels, accessories and an interesting or antique mirror.


Not taken lightly

Lighting and heating should form a key part of your planning. You'll need to consider both task lighting (particularly important around the mirror) and ambient lighting, and you may like to use dimmer switches to create atmosphere. This is the ideal time to think about heating: including underfloor heating and heated towel rails. And don't forget about extraction and ventilation to keep your new bathroom steam free.


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